Murder In Baltimore

by Being Still

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Written by Sean Creedon:

Help somebody there's been a Murder in Baltimore
It came to this
Over a conflict of identity and self respect

There's only room for one

His thoughts to do harm
Ran deep but their words to cure cut fatal
Til they dug between his shoulder blades
And made his gait unstable
So he cracked at the knees to echo
Cassandra's providence of the coming collapse

To be a staple in the woodwork
Nothing more than a fly on the wall
Of a well lit room with a lone window looking in
But his eyes still scream
Where have I been

Flee the scene it's flooding, holy hell it's bloody
Avert your eyes and steel your ears
Twenty wasted years

Count the breaths in seconds
The beating of my pulse rings hollow

I thought you would be here
Just ask me if I'm fine
The cliff is steep and sheer
Would I be wasting all your time

Help somebody there's been a Murder in Baltimore
It came to this
Because you couldn't reconcile yourselves

Can you call it suicide if you don't know the person that you killed?
There's nothing to say when the only thing between the preacher and the choir is a mirror
And maybe if we're born as ghosts we're not supposed to die whole


released July 21, 2016
Big thanks to Arnie Brown (recording) and Jeff Wallace (mix/master) of the Jam Room in Howell, NJ.

Being Still is:
Joey Lucarine (drums, cleans, screams)
Sean Creedon (guitar, bass, screams)



all rights reserved


Being Still Ocean City, New Jersey

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